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Samara is a passionate and experienced facilitator, gently guiding groups on journeys into deep heart-sharing spaces, playful creative expression, and connective group singing.  Below is a sampling of workshops that Samara has given, at various retreat centers such as Hostel in the Forest and Anahata Education Center, and festivals/gatherings such as Singing Alive and Florida Earthskills Gathering.  All are interactive, a healthy balance of profound and playful, and open to all humans regardless of musical experience!  email if you are interested in hosting a workshop!

Hollow Bamboo: a vocal improv and expressive heart singing playshop

Together we will explore opening the creative portal so that we may sing without being held back by self judgment or hesitation.  The goal is to work towards become a hollow bamboo - a channel for creative expression and deep wisdom to pour through. We will start off with a series of playful sound and movement activities to open our voices and let down our thinking brains, entering a space of free vocal improv play and movement and gradually will move more into verbal singing, during which everyone is given the opportunity to sing what's on their heart, with the loving support and listening ears of the rest of the group.


Harmony Singing: Synching our voices to connect our spirits

How can singing in harmony help us feel closer and more connected to one another and the earth? Come see/feel/listen for yourself as we dive into an ocean of sound waves, melding our voices, getting to know different intervals, improvising, and learning rounds and other songs with built in harmony parts. In this workshop we will explore harmony from a basic music theory and acoustics standpoint as well as an intuitive approach, as we are all musical beings with great harmonious capabilities once we learn to listen and trust our ears!

Songweaving for your Healing Journey

Songwriting is a powerful healing tool for expressing your truth, percolating wisdom, and reframing and integrating life experiences into lessons that serve your growth.

Through group, partner and solo exercises that include free-flow singing, empathetic listening and reflecting, and journaling, participants will tune into their heart space and get the creative juices flowing so they may create and craft their own songs.  There will be plenty of space for group discussion and Q&A, as I am happy to share details about my personal process, techniques, advice, types of songs/song structures, and whatever else folks are interested in picking my brain about! Bring a journal. Musical instruments welcomed, not required.  

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