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Samara Jade's fourth album "Zero," was released on November 15th, 2020.  Largely self-produced, this album has some of Samara's finest song-crafting and arranging to date and features many wonderful musical friends.  

 “Zero” is a tribute to the shadowy realms of the mystery faced on the fool’s journey that lead one to wholeness.  May it be a soundtrack to metamorphosis in the times of not-knowing.

See "Zero" on Bandcamp for more info and for album credits. 

"Zero", 2020

"Samara Jade weaves a tapestry of ethereal, jazz-tinged Americana, grounding medicine for these wild and shifting times where every day seems like Halloween."
                                  - Elmore Magazine (click here to read full review)
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To order CDs of the albums (Three Wheels Turning, Zero, and Wave of Birdsong are the albums currently available in physical form), click the"Buy Now" button - send $20 (includes shipping) and write your name and mailing address in the PayPal note, and you will receive the album within a couple weeks!  Alternatively, use Venmo:

Three Wheels Turning, 2023

Three Wheels Turning is a lady-powered harmony-driven folk trio comprised of Samara Jade, Micaela Kingslight, and Aimee Ringle.  Based in Port Townsend, WA, the trio released their self-titled debut album on Bandcamp on January 16th, 2023.  Produced by Samara Jade, engineered by Camelia Jade. 

"Wave of Birdsong" 2018

Samara Jade’s third full-length studio album, “Wave of Birdsong" is a timelessly modern folk epic about honoring nature about being human.  Originally released on the artist’s 30th birthday in 2018, it was re-released by Jumpsuit Records on April 5th, 2019.

“Wave of Birdsong” contains Samara’s finest vocal and guitar work to date, and is filled with lush and creative arrangements.  Produced by Asheville audio engineer Kevin Harvey of Griffyn Sound, Harvey and Jade worked together to arrange the 11 songs into this diverse yet cohesive album - from the orchestral strings of “White-Throated Sparrow,” powerful show-stopping horns and soulful backing vocals on “Love Much Harder,” intricate choral harmonies of “Many Voices,” to the stripped down naked and tender sound of “Sing with Me Sweetly.”   “Wave of Birdsong” features some of Asheville's finest musicians, and includes cameos from esteemed songwriters David Wilcox and Jean Rohe in the last track.


Perhaps the most important featured artists on “Wave of Birdsong” are the the birds themselves, whose prehistorical songs (many recorded by Samara in the woods around Asheville) start, finish, and are featured throughout the album.  The idea of this album was inspired by these original singers, who sing the sun up and down everyday, and the concept that since the sun is always rising and setting somewhere there is a great wave of birdsong that ripples around the planet.  Samara says she hopes that this album can be “a soundtrack of these really crazy times we're in, to help remind people that there's still beauty - it's sacred, and it's worth doing what we can to honor and protect what's still there.”  


Indeed, “Wave of Birdsong” honors the magic that was there all along….

"While listening to this album from start to finish, I was impressed with the level of musicianship from not only Samara Jade, but from all of the session musicians that were gathered in order to make this project come to life. With the addition of instruments that you wouldn't normally hear added to a song on pop radio, it became hard to sit through the album without placing myself mentally into a space of adventure and wonder. "Wave of Birdsong" evoked a yearning sensation to go and explore the world around me. It quickly became the soundtrack to an adventure that I had not yet taken, but now feel called to go on."
-Kelcie Winningham, PowderKeg Records

"Catch & Release""
Samara's 2016 release (still under "Searra Jade"), this album is a collection of eleven lushly arranged original songs ranging from bossa-nova to acoustic folk journeys to honky-tonk swing jazz to old time banjo tunes, all woven around the theme of impermanence and savoring life’s tragically ephemeral beauty. 

"Key of Sea" - 2012

Samara's debut album, still under the name Searra and from many lifetimes ago, defies the laws of "folk" and "singer-songwriter" and weaves together intricate guitar grooves and vocal harmonies in a mosaic of styles - blues, bossa nova, bluegrass, and more!

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