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Samara Jade is a multi-instrumentalist folk troubadour - a writer, crafter, performer and producer of soul-centered songs that deliver medicine for the moment in catchy and memorable sonic bundles. Coming from a musical background including jazz, folk, broadway musical and progressive rock, Samara stitches together a unique tapestry of sounds with a sophisticated quality of musicianship distinctly her own.

Born in the Hudson Valley of New York state, and shaped by the mountains and rivers of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, Samara has been a grass-roots style touring folk musician for over a decade, spreading her songs all across this country and weaving and widening the webs of community. In addition to having released four full-length albums along the way, Samara plays in the Washington-based folk trio Three Wheels Turning, teaches songwriting workshops and community singing circles, and does work as an audio engineer/music producer for others.

To Samara, music is a primarily a healing practice - with many of her songs born out of and made for her own journeys of grief, underworld spelunking, connection with the natural world & transformation - and she derives great joy and fulfillment when her songs turn out to provide good medicine for others as well.

Photos by Annika Brodland, Violet Visions and Mary Arose

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