modern folk troubadour, cunning lyricist and dynamic guitarist

"Wave of Birdsong" now out on Jumpsuit Records

On tour right now...

New album, "Wave of Birdsong," released June 8th, 2018

 Originally released on the artist’s 30th birthday in 2018, "Wave of Birdsong" is being re-released by Jumpsuit Records on April 5th, 2019.

Currently not available in full online, but here is a preview, and stay tuned for the re-release!

Patreon Page LAUNCHED!

Lots of folks have been asking me for recordings of songs that are not yet on an album, and I have no plans of recording another one any time soon, BUT I did just launch a Patreon page, for the purpose of releasing these songs one by one to folks who want to have access to exclusive/not publicly released content in exchange for supporting me - for as little as $2/month or as much as you'd like!

If you have sung my songs or they have been medicine for you, or if my music has enriched your life in any way please consider checking this out, and sharing!

"Unseen Song" music video is OUT!

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